How to Set Up FTP for Dahua IP Camera: A Step-by-Step Guide

Proper FTP setup ensures Dahua IP camera securely stores footage, enhancing surveillance capability. Follow these steps to integrate FTP seamlessly with your Dahua IP cameras for reliable data storage and management.

How to configure FTP for Dahua IP cameras efficiently?

1. Open FTP server setting and remember the FTP IP address, port, usename, password. (The FTP IP as same as computer IP.)
dahua ip camera
dahua camera system
2. Open the IE browser, enter the Dahua camera IP address and account password to log in.
dahua security cameras
3. Go to the main page and click ”Setting – Event-Storage-Destination–path-FTP-Save”
dahua 4k camera
4. Open FTP and setting server.
dahua cctv camera
5. Click the ”Enble” and enter FTP and test FTP. (Ps: Remember that you must click save to test every time you modify the ftp data, otherwise the save will be unsuccessful.)
dahua ip cameras

Need help setting up FTP for Dahua IP cameras? Contact us, your trusted surveillance camera manufacturer, for expert advice and solutions tailored to your security needs. Enhance your surveillance capability with reliable technology today.

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