How to Connect Hikvision Camera to Dahua NVR?

Connect Hikvision camera to Dahua NVR might seem complex at first, but by following these detailed steps, you can achieve a seamless integration. This setup allows you to benefit from the unique features offered by both brands, enhancing your overall surveillance capabilities. If you encounter any issues, make sure to double-check each step to ensure all settings are correctly configured.

How To Connect Hikvision Camera to Dahua NVR?

1. Connect the camera to the computer, download and install Hikvision search tool “SADP”


2. Query the IP address of the camera through the search tool, and activate the camera.
3. Log in to the camera web.
4. Turn on the camera’s ONVIF permissions and add an OVNIF user. (it is recommended that the account password is the same as the camera’s login account password)
5. Modify camera IP address.
Modify the IP address to be an address between— and the gateway is set to, enter camera password.
6. Connect the camera to the PoE port of Dahua NVR.
7. Right mouse button–Main Menu-Camera — click “Manual Add”
  • Select the “ONVIF” protocol
  • Fill in the camera’s modified IP address
  • Fill in the camera’s IP address, and click “Connect” — click “OK”

Note: When the camera status is displayed in green, the camera is successfully connected. If it is displayed in red, there is an error in the connection. Follow steps 1-5 to check whether the difference between the camera and the NVR is set correctly.

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