How to Configure Dahua Day Night Settings for Optimal Performance

In the field of surveillance, it is crucial to ensure that the camera can provide clear image quality during both day and night. Dahua cameras provide users with flexible day and night switching mode settings with their advanced technology and diverse setting options. This guide will detail how to use ConfigTool to find the camera IP, log in to the camera web page, and switch between black and white and color modes to ensure that your surveillance system can run optimally in any lighting conditions.

How to Configure Dahua Day Night Settings?

1. Use the ”Config Tool” to search for the camera IP, open the IE and log in to the camera web page.
setting up dahua camera
2. Click ”Settings – Camera – Conditions – Day and Night”, click the mode to switch between black and white, color or automatic. and then click “Save” to apply.
dahua set up


Through the guidance of this article, I believe you have mastered how to set the Dahua day night settings to ensure clear surveillance images under different lighting conditions. If you have any questions about setting up Dahua camera, or want to learn more about Dahua security camera products, please feel free to contact us.

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