How To Distinguish The Resolution of PoE Surveillance System?

Friends who make security PoE surveillance system complain that today’s customers are spoiled by advertisements, always asking whether surveillance cameras are 4K. Is the image resolution of the PoE camers you produce 1080P?

But in fact, from practicality perspective, there is no need for 4K in security industry. Our priority consideration should still be cost and usefulness.

In fact, regardless of the person asking or answering, almost no one could completely explain what 4K means. How to distinguish the pixels and resolution of IP surveillance camera system? What does 1080P represent? I’m afraid not many can answer it.

Pixel, commonly understood as 1 pixel, is the basic unit that makes up a picture. 2 million pixels means there are 2 million basic units in the picture.

Resolution, the popular explanation is the width × height of the screen, of course the unit is pixels. So it is not difficult to see that pixels are the product of resolutions. 1920×1080=2073600=2 million pixels; 1600×1200=1920000=2 million pixels.

How To Distinguish 720P and 1080P?

These two belong to resolution. The P after 720P and 1080P means progressive scan (English: Progressive). The K after 4K means thousands, which means the horizontal resolution is about 4000 pixels.

Resolution is not width × height, so progressive means definitely refers to height. so:

720P=1280×720 usually called HD or high definition
1080P=1920×1080, usually called FHD or full HD
4K=3840×2160 commonly known as QFHD or ultra high definition

What Is The Difference In Imaging Quality Between Them?

To make it easier to understand, let’s take an example from a picture we come into contact with every day. Everyone has seen DVD resolution, which is generally similar to satellite TV resolution. Cable TV resolution is one-third of satellite TV resolution.

The resolution of 720P is four times that of DVD, the resolution of 1080P is four times that of 720P, and the resolution of 4K is four times that of 1080P.

Therefore, the exquisiteness of 4K ultra-clear pictures is unparalleled, so delicate that even human hair can be seen clearly!

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