4K 8MP AcuSense Fixed Turret Network Camera

4K 8MP AcuSense Fixed Turret Network Camera

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▶  High quality imaging with 8MP resolution
▶  Excellent low-light performance with powered by DarkFighter technology
▶  Efficient H.265+ compression technology
▶  Clear imaging against strong back light by 120 dB true WDR technology
▶  False alarm reduction by human and vehicle target classification based on deep learning
▶  U: built-in microphone for real-time audio security
▶  Water and dust resistant (IP67)
▶  Connecter panel interface for easy installation
▶  Robust structure design with full metal material

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8MP/4K Ultra HD

Higher resolution means more image details to be captured. Compared with 6MP cameras, this 4K 8MP turret camera not only has better clarity but also better color purity and balance, in the aesthetic sense. 1/2″ CMOS Sensor, 2.8mm lens and 3840*2160 resolution play the trick.

Intrusion Detection

Setting up an area and the time allowed to pass through this area. when human or vehicle enter this area over the time setting, the alarm will be triggered. The time range allowed to be set is 0-10 seconds.

Accurate Alarm for Human and Vehicle

You can focus on alarms triggered by humans and vehicles while false alarms triggered by small animals or other irrelevant objects are vastly reduced. Now you can enjoy this intelligent function with VCA or motion detection.

Line Crossing Detection

Cross a pre-defined virtual line,you can set up 3 ways to detect:
Rule1: A<->B when human or vehide across the configured line,both directions can be detected and alarms are triggered;
Rule-2: A->B only the human or vehiclet crossing the configured line from the Aside to the Bside can be detected and alarm;
Rule-3: B->A only the human or vehicle crossing the configured line from the B side to the A side can be detected and alarm

8 Powerful Behavior Analysis

Line crossing detection, face detection, region entrance detection region exit detection, intrusion detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection, scene change detection.

Motion Detection And Email Alert

You can enable motion detection alerts, when the object moves, this AcuSense turret camera will send the abnormal situation to your Email.

Night Vision

Rest assured knowing that this AcuSense turret camera can see up to 30M in total darkness.

Advanced H.265+ Video Format

Save storage space and view fast stream with H.265+ coding and switch to H.265, H.264+ & H.264 coding based on the storage space & network condition.

Built-in Microphone

Security cameras with built-in microphone, allows simultaneous video and audio streaming over the network to a network video recorder or computer.

ONVIF Protocol

The camera conforms to the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) specifications, ensuring interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer. The camera compatible with Hikvision’s private connection protocol, it can be plug and play with Hik NVR, perfect connection.

Applied to Multiple Occasions

Applied to multiple occasions widely used for a variety of environments, like home, meeting room, warehouses, library, scenic park, amusement park, shop, mall, restaurant, movie theater, club, health clinic, school, and so on. This 4K 8MP AcuSense camera is very easy to use, it is a best choice for your life.

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8MP Resolution




Two-way Audio


Turret Camera


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