Outdoor IR Night Vision 4K 8MP Fixed Turret Network Camera

Outdoor IR Night Vision 4K 8MP Fixed Turret Network Camera

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▲ 4K 8MP/3840*2160 HD camera resolution
▲ Ultra wide 2.8mm lens, 101° horizontal FOV and 56° vertical FOV
▲ 98ft color night vision
▲ Motion detection, siren light + email alarm push
▲ Intelligent human detection
▲ Built-in Mic and speaker, support 2-way Audio
▲ Compatible with Hikvision NVR, support ONVIF, RTSP
▲ Sturdy IP67 waterproof casing

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4K 8MP HD Resolution

This CCTV turret camera features a 4K 8MP HD resolution, capable of capturing exceptionally clear and detailed images. Whether objects are far or near, they are rendered with precision, ensuring no detail is missed and significantly enhancing the quality and effectiveness of monitoring.

Starlight Technology

Starlight technology allows the video camera to deliver high-quality images even in low-light conditions. By utilizing highly sensitive image sensors, this technology ensures bright and clear images in nighttime or dim environments, providing around-the-clock security monitoring.

Color Night Vision

The surveillance camera is equipped with color night vision, enabling it to capture vivid, full-color images even in low-light conditions. This feature enhances the clarity and detail of nighttime footage, making it easier to identify people and objects in the dark.

101° Wide Angle

This Endosc 8MP turret camera offers a 101° wide-angle view, covering a larger monitoring area. Whether it’s for home, office, or outdoor spaces, this wide-angle capability ensures broader coverage with fewer blind spots, providing comprehensive security.

Intelligent Human Detection

The intelligent human detection feature distinguishes between human movements and other motions, reducing false alarms caused by animals, shadows, or other non-human objects. This enhances the accuracy of motion alerts, ensuring you are only notified of relevant security events.

Smart Motion Detection, Siren Light + Email Alarm Push

The smart motion detection feature can detect any unusual activity in real-time. Once motion is detected, the camera triggers an alarm light and siren while sending an alert notification via email to the user. This ensures that you are immediately informed of any incidents, no matter where you are.

Two-way Audio

With the built-in two-way call feature, users can have real-time conversations through the camera. This is convenient for communicating with visitors at home or interacting with family members remotely. It not only enhances security but also adds a layer of convenience for communication.

Remote Access Anytime & Anywhere

With remote access capability, you can monitor your camera feed from anywhere at any time via a smartphone or computer. This feature ensures you stay connected and informed about your property’s security status, no matter where you are.

Built-in SD Card Slot, Up to 512GB

This 4K 8MP turret camera comes with a built-in SD card slot, supporting up to 512GB of storage capacity. This allows for extensive video recording storage without worrying about running out of space. The internal storage makes data management easier and more flexible.

H.265+ Smart Codec

Employing H.265+ smart codec technology, this fixed turret network camera significantly reduces video file sizes and bandwidth usage while maintaining high image quality. This not only saves storage space but also improves video transmission efficiency, ensuring a smooth real-time monitoring experience.

Plug and Play with Hikvision NVR, Support ONVIF&RTSP

This camera is designed for easy integration with Hikvision NVR systems and supports ONVIF and RTSP protocols. The plug-and-play functionality ensures a straightforward setup, making it compatible with a wide range of network video recorders and ensuring flexibility in your surveillance system setup.

PoE Networking

Supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet) networking, the camera simplifies installation by requiring only a single cable for both data transmission and power supply. This reduces the complexity of wiring and enhances installation flexibility and convenience, especially suitable for long-distance wiring scenarios.

IP67 Waterproof

With an IP67 waterproof rating, the camera is designed to operate reliably in various harsh weather conditions. Be it rain, wind, or dust, this camera ensures dependable surveillance, making it ideal for outdoor environments and providing round-the-clock security.

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Two-way Audio




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8MP Resolution


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