The Composition and Knowledge of Remote Control Security Camera

Remote control security camera plays an important role in modern society. Whether it is home security, commercial monitoring or security management in public places, they are indispensable. In order to give everyone a simple and comprehensive understanding of surveillance cameras, let us introduce its main components and some basic knowledge.

Main Components of Remote Control Security Camera

Security cameras are composed of 4 large accessories and 3 small accessories.

    Large accessory:

    • Camera chip: the core of the camera, equivalent to the brain.
    • Lens: determines the quality and clarity of the image.
    • Light board: provides auxiliary light source when the light is insufficient.
    • Casing: protects internal components, dustproof and waterproof.

    Small accessory:

    • Tail line: connects the HD video camera to the network and power supply, usually including network cable interface and power cable interface. If it is a PoE remote control security camera, only one network cable interface is needed.
    • Lens mount: fixes the position of the lens.
    • Copper column: used to fix and connect other components.

    Cameras of different brands may have large price differences even if they have the same pixels. This is mainly because the materials and quality used are different. If you have strong hands-on ability, you can try to assemble a camera yourself and experience the effect.

    Chip of the camera

    The most important part of the camera is the chip, which is similar to the CPU of a computer and determines the overall performance of the camera. The chip is usually embedded on the motherboard, so it is sometimes directly called the camera motherboard. According to different technologies, security camera HD chips are divided into CCD motherboards and CMOS motherboards.

      Difference Between CCD and CMOS:

      • Manufacturing process: The manufacturing process of CMOS is simpler than that of CCD.
      • Price: CMOS is cheaper than CCD.
      • Power consumption: CMOS consumes more power than CCD.
      • Noise: CMOS has more noise than CCD.
      • Sensitivity: CMOS has worse sensitivity than CCD.
      • Resolution: CMOS has lower resolution than CCD.

      Lens of The Camera

      The 2 key parameters of the lens are focal length and aperture.

        • Focal length: The number of millimeters of the lens, common ones are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, etc. The larger the focal length, the smaller the field of view, but the farther the surveillance distance. For example, workshops and warehouses usually use 4mm lens; community building unit doors usually use 6mm; walls and paths usually use 12mm. The specific choice should be flexibly adjusted according to the actual application situation.
        • Aperture: The F value on the lens, the common ones are F1.0, F1.2, F1.4, and F1.6. The smaller the F value, the greater the amount of light passing through, and the more expensive the lens is.

        Camera LED Board

        Common camera light boards include array infrared lights, ordinary infrared lights, and white light boards. The main function of the light board is to provide auxiliary light source for the lens at night, so that the lens can sense infrared light and generate images. If the light board does not work well, you can equip it with an auxiliary light source separately.

        Camera Housing

        The security camera housing has a variety of shapes, such as bullet camera, speed dome, high res security camera dome, etc. The material is aluminum and plastic, and the specific choice varies according to the manufacturer and brand.

          I hope that through this article, everyone has a basic understanding of surveillance cameras. If you have any needs for surveillance equipment, welcome to learn about our company and surveillance products.

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