How To Set Up Motion Detection & Alarm Push Notification on Hik-Connect APP?

Setting up push notification for Hikvision IP cameras without an NVR is straightforward with the Hik-Connect APP. The same steps can be applied if you are using an NVR. This guide will walk you through enabling the Hikvision alarm push notification and configure on your mobile device.

What Is Hikvision Alarm Push Notification?

Alarm system notification is instant alerts that appear as pop-ups on your smartphone’s notification bar. These notifications are pushed to your device without needing to check in periodically with your camera or NVR. You can set up both alarm email alerts and alarm push notifications simultaneously on each IP camera. This setup allows you to receive an alert and then check your email for more details or log into the camera for a live video stream.

How To Set Alarm Push on Hik-Connect APP?

You can use Hikvision cameras indoors or outdoors to monitoring home/ business, secure your backyard, garage, office, and store multiple cameras on NVRs by setting mobile phone Hik-connect and NVR alarm push function on. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to enable alarm push notifications on Hik-connect.

Install and Set Up Your Hikvision Camera and NVR

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install and configure your Hikvision security cameras and Network Video Recorder.

    Configure Motion Detection Alarm

      Set up the motion detection alarm features on your camera through the NVR interface or the camera’s web interface.
      Enable other intelligent function alarms if your camera supports them, such as line crossing detection or intrusion detection.

      Set Alarm Schedule

        Configure the working hours for the alarm function. By default, it is set to operate 24/7, and you can adjust it according to your specific needs.

        Enable Alarm Linkage Push

          Ensure the alarm linkage push function is activated. This links the motion detection alarms to push notifications on your mobile device.

          Download and Install the Hik-connect APP

            Go to the APP Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), download and Install it, and then log in with your Hik-Connect account.

            Enable Alarm Push Function

              Open the Hik-Connect APP and navigate to the device settings.
              Allow the mobile client to receive alarm notifications.
              Customize the notification settings as per your preference, including setting a notification schedule if you want to block alarms at specific times.
              Optionally, enable Silenced mode to mute all alarms during special occasions.

              Configure Other Intelligent Functions

                If your surveillance camera supports additional intelligent features, configure them as needed. For example, set up a trip wire alarm for added security.

                By following these steps, you can ensure that your Hikvision cameras are set up to send push notifications for motion detection and other alarms directly to your mobile phone.

                Warm Tips When You Are Configuration!

                • Consult supplier’s Instructions: Specific steps can vary depending on the model of your camera and NVR. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide for detailed instructions.
                • Professional Assistance: If you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional security cameras installer.

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