The Composition Structure of the Monitoring System

Everyone is familiar with the surveillance system. The surveillance cameras that we often see in our lives are part of the surveillance system. So what are the other components of the surveillance system besides surveillance cameras? Today we will talk about this topic.

First of all, since the surveillance system is called a system, it means that it is definitely not just a surveillance camera. A complete monitoring system includes: front-end image acquisition equipment, transmission equipment, storage equipment, control equipment and various lines.

Front-end image acquisition equipment is a surveillance camera that we see more in our daily lives. The imaging principle of a surveillance camera is similar to that of a digital camera. The optical image of the scene generated by the lens is projected onto the surface of the image sensor, and then converted into an electrical signal, which is converted into a digital image signal after A/D (analog-to-digital conversion), and then sent to the digital signal processing chip (DSP) for processing. Then transfer to the computer through the USB interface for processing, and you can see the image through the monitor.

Transmission equipment is some equipment that the monitoring system needs in the process of realizing the transmission of audio and video signals. For example: switches, core switches, fiber optic transceivers, wireless bridges, and so on. Through the transmission equipment, the audio and video signals of multiple surveillance cameras can be aggregated and transmitted to the control and storage equipment.

The storage device is the device responsible for the storage of surveillance video files in the entire surveillance system. Common ones include hard disk video recorders and storage servers. At present, some web cameras use TF memory card storage or cloud storage. TF memory card storage is suitable for users who do not have high requirements for the storage time of surveillance videos in smaller scenes. Cloud storage is more suitable for some large enterprises, because the overall cost of cloud storage is relatively high, and it is not cost-effective for ordinary users.

Control equipment is the human-computer interaction link in the entire IP surveillance camera system. Through the control equipment, we can perform operations such as setting changes, video recalling and so on to the monitoring system. Sometimes the control device and the storage device are integrated, such as a hard disk video recorder. We can realize the setting and control of the monitoring system through the hard disk video recorder. At the same time, the hard disk video recorder can also save the video files. In the large-scale monitoring system, the control equipment and the storage equipment are separated, and a dedicated storage server is used to store video files and control through the monitoring keyboard.

With the continuous updating of monitoring system technology, most of the monitoring systems can realize remote control, remote video retrieval, remote real-time monitoring and other functions through APP. This means that the traditional control equipment in the small monitoring system has changed.

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